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About the Owner


Amy Wilson has lived in Alaska since she was 3 when her parents homesteaded in the interior. In 2010 she relocated to the Kenai Peninsula. In 2015 she took in her parents, her mother would pass away that Christmas from brain cancer, her father 2.5 years later of dementia. During this time she lost her job because her parents required 24 hour care. To help make ends meet, with the help of her teenage children, she started Forget-Me-Not Cleaning Service. The Forget-Me-Not was her moms favorite flower, and in keeping her the legacy of her mother alive, she often does cleaning for free to help those in need, following in her moms footsteps of dedicating her life to serving others. 










Amy is a single mom with 4 children. Her oldest son is a soldier for the United States Army. Her oldest daughter currently works for her as a Cleaning Tech as she prepares to start college in the spring of 2021. She also has an 11 year old son who loves his family and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and a 7 year old daughter who enjoys school, playing with friends, and gymnastics. They have also adopted her oldest sons girlfriend while he is away serving his country, and she works full time for Amy as her Office Manager, Lead Cleaning Technician, and going to college full time pursuing a nursing degree. 

Cleaning has always been almost a hobby to Amy, and she loves helping others reclaim their homes and giving them the freedom to pursue the things they love, instead of spending their free time cleaning and doing chores. Each of her employees are thoroughly vetted to ensure the satisfaction of your experience with her small business. 

Her family loves living in Alaska and often travel through the state, hiking, kayaking and chasing northern lights. She loves what she does and looks forward to serving the residents of the Kenai Peninsula for many more years to come. 

Thank You for Supporting a Small Business!!
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